Why coworking boosts productivity

In this special guest blog post Hubble, an online portal that helps people find their perfect office space, delve into the reasons why coworking can boost productivity.

In recent years, coworking has become more popular than ever. It’s no longer just for progressive, young startups – businesses of all shapes and sizes are choosing to operate from shared workspaces. As an alternative to the home office and to the traditional office, coworking facilitates networking and socialization, and allows you to learn from the diverse group of professionals around you. Best of all, coworking has been proven to increase productivity amongst employees.

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81% of freelancers reported increased productivity after switching to coworking

A study by Deskmag showed that between 2014 and 2015, the number of coworking spaces worldwide increased by a whopping 36%. There’s no question that thousands of people have found success working in shared offices, and there’s sufficient data to prove it.

Deskmag’s research conclusively shows that coworking boosts productivity. The study found that 68% of people had improved focus since moving to a coworking space with 64% reporting that it became easier to complete tasks by their deadlines. 62% claimed that coworking had improved their standard of work, and 71% had experienced increased creativity. Additionally, 81% of people who had previously worked from home said that switching to coworking had a positive impact on their levels of productivity as a whole.

To supplement Deskmag’s data, Harvard Business Review’s research also shows that people thrive in coworking spaces. HBR found that coworkers reported levels of thriving at an average of 6 on a 7-point scale, which was at least a point higher than people working at traditional offices.


It’s flexible

With coworking, you have the ability to work where you want, with whom you want, and even when you want. Admit it, you’re probably not the most productive at 8:00 in the morning. If you don’t function until after 10:00 and a few cups of coffee, that’s totally fine. This is all part of the beauty of coworking: it’s less formal than the traditional office, allowing for a flexible schedule. You can come and go as you please, and many offices have flexible hours allowing you 24-hour access so you can work when you want.

If sitting in a cubicle from nine to five isn’t exactly your cup of tea, the flexibility of coworking is what you need. It can be hard to stay focused when you’re staring at a screen all day. In coworking spaces, there’s no shame in taking a quick catnap, playing a game of ping-pong, or chatting with coworkers in one of the comfortable breakout spaces – in fact, breaks are encouraged to clear your head for maximum productivity. To mix it up even further, try hot-desking. It’s a form of coworking where you are a member of a particular space but don’t have an allocated desk. Instead, you can pick and choose where you want to work on that particular day. Sitting at the same spot day in and day out can get repetitive, so switching it up every once and awhile is sure to boost productivity.

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Joining a community

When sharing a workspace, making meaningful connections is inevitable. Coworking forms a community and a bond between the people working in the office. It’s a friendly space with less of the office politics that you may find in a traditional office setting. You may share a table with your boss, or maybe even someone from another company. You’ll meet someone from a different profession entirely while taking a minute to relax at a communal breakout space. You can chat with these like-minded professionals over beers on a Friday afternoon at the office.

Working alongside a diverse group of professionals also allows you to get a fresh perspective. It fosters new ways of thinking, and people from different backgrounds are keen to chat and give you thoughts and suggestions for your work. Oscar Wendell Holmes, an American physician, once said “many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they sprang up.” Often, running your ideas past your coworking companions can lead to productive feedback and more success.

Joining a coworking office gives you more than simply a place to work and some people to share a desk with – it allows you to network on a daily basis, and provides you with a community support system that truly wants you to succeed.


What are people saying?

Hubble, an online service that connects people looking for office space with people who have spare office space, recently set up a pop-up coworking space at The Business Show in Olympia. While people worked, we took the chance to interview a number of people about their office environment – what they like about it, what they dislike about it, and where they stand on the topic of coworking.

One person we spoke with told us that since moving to a coworking space, she’s “definitely more productive working in a shared office” than she was working from home. She also noted that “working with other like-minded businesses can help your growth.” She went on to explain that through coworking, “you communicate with other people – if you’re a standalone business, when you first begin, you don’t really have that many people to talk to in the office apart from potential clients, so working with other like-minded businesses can help your growth.”

Another person explained the issues his business has come across having its own office. “We don’t really have interaction with other companies,” he said, admitting that as a cloud company, it would be nice to have that “buzz with other people” in a shared environment.

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Productivity boosted

Coworking is growing with no end in sight, and all for good reason. Freedom to move around the office and work flexible hours, creative spaces, and community support are only a few of the benefits of coworking that lead to higher productivity. Coworking spaces facilitate your needs to get the most work done and to work to your fullest potential.

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