5 apps every entrepreneur should use

Are you an app addict? Is your phone’s home screen cluttered with apps you don’t use? It can be easy to collect apps that seem helpful when really they just distract or slow you down. To help you make the most of what’s out there, we’ve rounded up the top 5 go-to apps for entrepreneurs in 2016.


Essentially Evernote is a digital notebook but its potential goes way beyond note taking. Once you start using it you will soon realise how much more you can get done with it. If you’re looking to get organised, Evernote is the app for you.

There are three tiers of service: basic, plus and premium. And it’s the latter, which will really transform the way you work: keep a daily diary; annotate and search pdfs; leave notes and collaborate on shareable docs; save classified links before they expire using Evernote’s Web Clipper; scan and store valuable documents; and keep a daily diary. With 10GB of uploads per month and access to your content on all your devices without an internet connection every entrepreneur should be using it.


With so many personal accounts for websites and apps it’s easy to forget which password belongs where. Lastpass offers the ideal solution – one place where you can easily access all your login details. It’s bank-level encryption offers complete security. Only you know your master password, so only you can access your information. To top it off, Lastpass is totally free. You won’t need to hit ‘forgot my password’ again.


In 2016, there’s something about business cards that seems a bit archaic. They clutter up your desk drawers and easily lost. Step forward CamCard – the app that scans business cards and syncs up with your phone, tablet and desktop so that you have business cards to hand whenever you need them.

CamCard can translate cards in 16 languages; exchange e-cards with people nearby (think conferences and networking events); and will notify you when your contact gets promoted or moves to another company. There are other business card scanners out there (Evernote even offers one) but this one really stands out.


Being an entrepreneur often means you’re always on the go, constantly working to further your business. That drive is what makes you successful but taking time to feed your inspiration and creativity is important. Reading and discovering new trends and ideas can help foster this creativity.

Sometimes your morning commute doesn’t quite offer enough time to soak up all the reading you want to do. That’s where Pocket comes in – save interesting articles to read on or offline at later date. When you sign in saved articles will be ready for you to read at your leisure. It’s hard to argue with the app’s 22 million users.


Entrepreneurs often find themselves working on the go a lot of the time. It can make completing basic administration tasks a little more difficult when you’re constantly away from your desk. That’s why you need the latest technology at your fingertips to ensure nothing gets lost in the whirlwind of working on the move. SignEasy allows you to securely sign and collect signatures on Android, iOS and even BlackBerry.

Is there an app you would simply be lost without? Tell us which apps help you manage your workload in the comments below.

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